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My name is Mandy and I’m just an ordinary gal who loves to cook.  Although, I didn’t always feel that way. Don’t get me wrong, I could throw together a meal if I had to and I dabbled a bit in baking, but when I got engaged and moved in with my now husband, reality slapped me in the face and I soon learned that my cooking was mediocre at best. I knew nothing about spices or flavors (isn’t that what salt & pepper are for?) or different cooking methods (chicken gets baked, pork chops get fried…and so on and so on…yikes!); nor did I have a clue about other types of desserts besides cake and cookies. So in an effort to live up to my part of what my hubby calls our “marriage contract” (that is I cook most of the meals and he takes out the trash and does the yardwork, among other things….I definitely got the sweet end of the deal on that!) I started trying new recipes. Over the years I’ve gone from following recipes exactly the way I found them, to getting a little more adventurous and altering them based on others’ online reviews and comments, slowly making my way to make my own changes, to most recently being able to create my own recipes!

I am far from a world class chef, but I think I’m probably like a lot of you “at-home cooks”…who are just happy in the kitchen creating delicious food.  And that is what this blog is for…to share the knowledge I have, to share my learning experience (because when it comes to food and cooking I’m learning everyday!), and to connect with others who also have a passion for cooking.

Recently I have made some important changes to my life to eat whole, real foods as well as regularly exercising. This blog is still a cooking blog, but has evolved to include healthier recipes, fitness advice, motivation and a little bit of life that the average Joe or Jane can probably relate to. I hope I can help or inspire some of you through my own experiences!

So I hope you enjoy what I have to offer and I look forward to hearing your feedback, thoughts, tips & comments.


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6 responses to “About

  1. Mary says:

    Thanks for coming to visit my blog. I like the look of your recipes- the way I cook too and we both have a post for beef dip sandwiches — funny!

  2. greenermums says:

    Thanks for stopping my by blog- I tried that asparagus recipe last night in the end and it worked out pretty well 🙂 I love to cook too but don’t have half as much time as I would like to have to experiment- I find I am limited to cooking whatever can be rustled up in half an hour before the kids start raiding the fridge or screaming 🙂 I also love it too when my partner cooks – he doesn’t cook v often but it’s always a pleasure when he does – make sure your hubby cooks for you sometimes too- sth v special when they make the effort xxx

  3. babso2you says:

    I learned how to cook from my Grandmother. The spices were always paprika, garlic powder, salt and pepper. I too had to learn to branch out with what I did in the kitchen! I try to come up with new combinations! Like I did with the Bacon Sirloin Skillet. Thank you for stopping by my blog and for the like on my recipe! If you try it, let me know how it turns out for you!

  4. fsszj says:

    Congratulations! I have awarded you the One Lovely Blog Award. You have a wonderful blog!
    The Rules for Award participation are:
    1. Link back to the blogger who nominated you.
    2. Paste the award image on your blog, anywhere.
    3. Tell them 7 facts about yourself.
    4. Nominate 9 other blogs you like for this award
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    Check out my page for more information.

  5. dw says:

    Thanks for visiting my blog ( today. I hope you enjoyed it. I am excited to try your recipes as I try to broaden food my horizons.

  6. P. K. Newby says:

    Glad you are enjoying your cooking journey, Mandy. For me, it’s been a life-long love affair. Thanks for your visit to The Nutrition Doctor is In the Kitchen. Cheers, PK

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