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Happy Adoptaversary!

on March 3, 2015

As the pressure of school is upon me, I haven’t had the opportunity to write my weekly recipe post today. Instead I’m reblogging a post I wrote last year about the adoption of our dog, Gemma. Today is her 2 year adoptaversary and she has been a great addition to our family. She is still as crazy and loveable as the day we met her and I can’t imagine life without her.
The post comes complete with a dog treat recipe that she quite enjoys. The best part about homemade dog treats is that there are no preservatives or nasty ingredients. You could even eat them yourself! (In fact, I actually did taste one once…and was surprised that it basically tasted like a cookie without sugar. Interesting, huh? I’m not sure what this says about me…)
So how about you? Do you celebrate special days for your pets (adoption, birthdays, holidays)?

Mandy's Marvelous Meals

I had this wonderful, endearing post written on March 3, which was my dog’s 1 year “adoptaversary”. Why didn’t I post it, you ask? Unfortunately I somehow deleted all but one paragraph messing around trying to add pictures from my iPad! Major bummer! I never had a chance to sit down and get back to it until now…almost a month later. In any case, here is the recreation of that post complete with a homemade doggie treat recipe!

Gemma Pooches Gemma Pooches

One year ago today we adopted our cute and crazy mutt, Gemma Pooches (yes, I gave her a middle name! Is that a problem?). As I mentioned in an earlier post, the adjustment to being a first time dog-mom took me a little longer than I expected. You see, I have never owned a pet…unless you count the beta fish in a vase (remember when those things were all…

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