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A Tribute to Mom

on May 13, 2012

First of all, Happy Mother’s Day to all the mom’s out there! I’m sure you’ve all been pampered and cooked for or taken out to dinner….it’s not a true “holiday” without food involved.

Strawberries & Cream Dream Dessert

 For my mom this Mother’s Day I made her a nice dinner, but most importantly a “fancy dessert” that she’s been saying she wants forever now!  This is one of my “secret recipes” that may appear to look like strawberry shortcake, but believe me it is not even close to that and tastes way better! Maybe one day I’ll decide to share… 😉


Earlier in the week I had been thinking about what I wanted to do for my Mom’s Day post…thinking about sharing one of the recipes I learned from Mom.

I had made “Mom’s Mac & Cheese” a few days ago, (took pics too but randomly they disappeared!!) which is one of my own, as well as Hubby’s favorite meals.  It’s taken me a few years, but I’ve finally perfected it to be just like Mom’s. It got me to thinking…that maybe some things are just not for sharing. I mean, I have my own “secret” recipes, like the dessert above, but more importantly are those recipes passed down to me that I want to keep between Mom & Me.

So what is it about your Mom’s cooking that makes it so good and nobody else can compare? I am not really sure…I just know that whether it’s some plain old chicken nuggets or mashed potatoes or spaghetti or cookies or cake…there is nothing like Mom’s food. Sometimes you just need Mom’s home cooking. Even as I’ve become a decent cook and continue to experiment with flavors and consider my food to be pretty tasty…sometimes I just crave something from Mom. I grew up in a typical “meat and potatoes” family with nothing fancy about it…but I love it (well, besides the things I just genuinely do not like and refused to eat! Thank goodness for PB&J!)!!

So I guess what I am trying to say is I hope all of you Mom’s out there are sharing with your kids what I learned from my mom. Food brings families together. Food makes memories.  Food brings back memories. Food keeps those who have passed on alive. There is no other Food like Mom’s.

Most importantly what I want to say is “Thanks” to my Mom for teaching me how to cook (even though you thought I wasn’t paying attention!!) and for passing on food and recipes that I’ll be able to always cherish!

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