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Raised Garden Bed Project Part 1

on April 14, 2012



Last year I decided I wanted a small herb garden so Hubby & I worked together to dig up the land and make it happen…and much to my surprise everything actually grew. This was the first time I ever did any type of gardening (and basically any type of “yard work”) so I didn’t really expect much. When everything grew and I was able to go out each day and get fresh herbs for my cooking I was hooked. Fast forward through the winter and it’s time to grow some real food! I decided to do a raised garden bed because that seemed easier than working the land, so I emailed Hubby a picture of what I wanted…he did a little measuring and we were off to Home Depot for the supplies.
So today he’ll be making the bed and helping me with putting the posts in the ground. Then I’ll do the rest and get to planting my herbs & veggies!! Wish me luck and stay tuned for “Part 2”!!



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